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Mobilize your Bible Study -- Mobile software designed from the ground up for reading and studying the Bible on iPad.

  • Over 700 Resources Available - download hundreds of free and premium resources
  • Verse Chooser - navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible
  • Advanced Search - look up every occurrence of a word in every book of the Bible
  • Versified Commentaries - switch to the commentary of your choice linked directly to any verse you are studying
  • Split-Screen Reading - view Bible and reference works simultaneously as you study
  • Favorites List - create a list of your favorite resources for quick access
  • Full customization - change the fonts and colors of the main window, the split window, and the popup window independently
  • Greek and Hebrew - study and perform advanced searches in the original biblical languages
  • Pop-up window - view links to other resources without ever leaving the text you started with
  • Hyperlinked Notes - cross-references or Strong's numbers available with one touch
  • Personal Notes - can be accessed by verse in any Bible version across your library and synced to your desktop with Evernote

About iPad BibleReader

The iPad version of BibleReader 4 is our most powerful and fully featured version to date. Now you can study God's word using powerful tools right in the comfort of your living room.

Say you want to open your Bible to a specific place - not just the third chapter of the book of John, but John 3:16 exactly. BibleReader's Verse Chooser lets you navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible right on your iPad.

Suppose you wonder how the word "spirit" is used throughout the Bible. BibleReader's search function lets you look up every occurrence of the word "spirit" in both the Old and New Testaments on your iPad. And when you sort through the search results, it takes just one click to open the Bible of your choice to that verse.

What if you're reading Nehemiah, and you need more historical background on the Temple and its importance in Jewish culture to really understand what's going on in the story? BibleReader's versified commentaries let you switch to the commentary of your choice that opens right to Nehemiah, or wherever you were reading in your Bible.

BibleReader 4 for iPad features split-screen reading that makes commentary or other Bible reference works instantly available as you read. The two screens are linked so your commentary is always open to the right verse, or you can use split screens to read two different Bible translations side-by-side.

Many iPad Bibles have additional information like textual notes, cross-references, or Strong's numbers. BibleReader includes hyperlinked notes that are available with one touch.

If you make a personal note on a specific verse in the Bible, you can access these notes in any Bible version, tied to the same verse.

Greek and Hebrew Resources available for iPhone and iPod touch
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