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Essential Tools for Your Mac Bible Study

Making Study Easy

BibleReader™ gives you the tools you need to get the most out of your Bible study.

Quickly navigate to a Bible verse using the Verse Chooser. Effortlessly take notes, highlight verses and bookmark your favorite passages across multiple Bible translations. The innovative BibleReader™ for Mac, from Olive Tree Bible Software, makes it easier than ever to read and study the Bible.

Resource Guide

Connect your library to your reading... it's like having your very own research assistant.

BibleReader’s™ Resource Guide searches your library for all the relevant information connected to the passage you’re reading. Instantly find commentary, sermons and maps, and gain new insights about the people and places in your text. The Resource Guide presents it all right alongside your Bible reading. It’s what you need to know, right where you want it.

Backup Notes

Effortlessly store and access your content across all your devices with Olive Tree’s free cloud service.

Backup and sync makes securing your valuable bookmarks, highlights and notes simple. With an Olive Tree account, your content is stored and accessible for future study and editing from any one of your devices. Whether it's your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac, with BibleReader™ your stuff is always on hand.