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Olive Tree is bursting with new resources for the month of June! The New Unger's Bible Handbook, an exhaustive compendium of Charles Spurgeon's writings, and the Reading the New Testament Commentary Series are available now. In addition, we've released the New York Times #1 bestseller The Love Dare as two new iPhone Applications, and for all major Olive Tree platforms. Check out tips below on iPhone OS 3.0, BlackBerry App World, and how to download large files easily.

To take advantage of our new Bible study resources, or any other Olive Tree books and Bibles, be sure to use this month's discount coupon to get 20% off on any of your purchases at OliveTree.com, between now and July 6, 2009.

Best-seller The Love Dare Comes to iPhone

The Love Dare Book

The Love Dare: The 40 Dares

Have you seen the movie "Fireproof"? It's the story of a marriage on the rocks, and it shows how one couple was able to rescue their relationship from the flames of divorce and temptation. Using biblical principles, sound marriage advice, and the dare to perform simple acts of love for your spouse, the book The Love Dare, based on this movie, guides couples through a transformative program of marriage strengthening and enrichment.

Now available for the first time on iTunes, Olive Tree is proud to announce two new BibleReader applications:

     The Love Dare - eBook, plus the Holman Christian Standard Bible, $9.99
     The Love Dare: 40 Dares - a short devotional version of the 40 daily dares, only $0.99
               (These links take you directly to the iTunes App Store.)

Specially designed by Olive Tree, these Apps have an all-new look and feel that transfers the complete Love Dare experience, based on the Broadman & Holman print books and devotional cards, directly to your iPhone. In addition, you can use them to read any other Olive Tree books and Bibles that are available for iPhone.

For a visual demonstration of how these new Apps look and how their features work, check out this video demo of The Love Dare and The Love Dare: 40 Dares on iPhone, presented by Broadman & Holman Publishing.

Screenshots from The Love Dare and The Love Dare: 40 Dares Apps on iPhone

The Love Dare on iPhone

Experience The Love Dare on iPhone

The Love Dare Text

The look and feel of the book are part of the iPhone Apps

The Love Dare with Bible Text Pop-Up

Scripture verses link to the Holman Christian Standard Bible (included)

Love Dare: The 40 Dares

Check the box when you complete dares in The Love Dare: 40 Dares

The Love Dare and The Love Dare: 40 Dares are also available as individual titles from OliveTree.com, for all major platforms:  iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, and Symbian. But please note—while the books at our website have the same content, they do not come with the branded look and interface of the iPhone Apps pictured above.

BibleReader and iPhone OS 3.0

Are you planning to update your iPhone to the new iPhone OS 3.0?

In our testing for iPhone OS 3.0, we've discovered that BibleReader's functionality is almost exactly the same on the new iPhone OS as the old one. But we've found two bugs that users should be aware of when using BibleReader version 4.06 for iPhone with iPhone OS 3.0. Fortunately both bugs are fairly easy to avoid.

  • Split Screen Bug: If you activate the split screen function, BibleReader may begin to run extremely slowly.

    How to avoid this bug:
    1. Donít slide the split screen slider up. Read using full screen only.
    2. Turn split screen off, using the following commands: Information > Settings > Split Window Settings > Split Window Slider Position > Turn off the split screen slider. This command is useful if you have BibleReader set to use split screen automatically—to open notes, for example.

  • Table of Contents Bug: If you try to open a new chapter or section using the "Table of Contents" menu, BibleReader may crash.

    How to avoid this bug:
    1. Navigate using the Verse Chooser, which still functions normally.
    2. Navigate manually by scrolling up or down.

Olive Tree Blog

Olive Tree has already submitted an updated version of BibleReader to Apple, but Apple has not yet approved it for sale. Look for the corrected version, BibleReader 4.07 (or 4.08 Amplified Bible for BibleReader), which fixes both bugs and will be available very soon. When Apple approves this updated version, you can download either the Free BibleReader version 4.07 or any other previously-purchased BibleReader App. Then, you can resume your fully-functional Bible reading experience!

This information was first posted on the Olive Tree Blog. To keep up to date on our latest news and announcements, subscribe to the Olive Tree Blog's RSS feed.

BibleReader on BlackBerry App World

Have you discovered BlackBerry App World? It's like the iTunes App Store for BlackBerry users.

BibleReader is available for free on App World, and we just released an updated version. Look for BibleReader version 4.07.120. It fixes a bug discovered by users in version 4.07.119, so be sure to download the latest version! Here's how:

Replace 4.07.119 with BibleReader version 4.01.120:

  1. Exit BibleReader.
  2. Delete the options file in the BibleReader directory on your media card. (Choose Media from your home screen, then Menu: Explore. Inside the file explorer, choose Media Card > olivetree > br4_options.pdb. The filename may differ slightly; look for the word "options". Delete the options file by selecting it and pressing Menu: Delete.)
  3. Download the fixed 4.07.120 version from BlackBerry App World and restart BibleReader.

If you are downloading BibleReader for the first time from App World, simply download and install—you don't need to change any options file. And be sure to let us know your feedback. As you can see, feedback from users helps us improve our products. You can fill out a support ticket, or post on one of the Olive Tree Forums to share your comments.

New Releases

New Unger's Bible Handbook

New!   New Unger's Bible Handbook

A classic of biblical scholarship and reference, the New Unger's Bible Handbook has been updated to reflect the most recent scholarship. This new edition includes the following features:

- a complete and detailed commentary on the entire Bible;
- book introductions that include current information on biblical history, geography, and archaeology;
- hundreds of full-color illustrations, photographs, maps, diagrams, and charts.

All pictures, photographs, maps, and other print features are included in the mobile version. The comprehensive information in this graphic resource bring the historic Holy Land to life to enrich your Bible study!

This resource is available for iPhone and BlackBerry today, and will be available for Palm, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, and Symbian soon!  Click here to learn more.

**Because of the many pictures and maps, this resource is a large file. Check out Support Tips below on how to download large files easily.

Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers

New!   Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers - a compendium of the writings of Charles H. Spurgeon

". . . I have on my shelves several anthologies of Spurgeon quotations. But none is as exhaustive, as carefully assembled, or as useful as this massive collection . . ." — from the foreword by Dr. John MacArthur

Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers is an exhaustive compendium of over 5,000 illustrations and anecdotes, more than twice the size of other Spurgeon collections, all in Spurgeonís original and unabridged language. These anecdotes and illustrations are sorted under more than 1,000 useful topic headings, and are organized under a comprehensive reference system documenting the source materials, for additional reading and study of Spurgeonís original writings.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, known as the "Prince of Preachers," was not only a masterful and inspiring orator, but also one of the most prolific Christian writers of all time. This collection draws one-line quotations, longer anecdotes, and extended illustrations from not only his massive collection of sermons, but 30 of his additional books.

For the seasoned student of Spurgeon's writings, for ministers and other leaders, and for those interested in becoming familiar with Spurgeon's work, Olive Tree presents this definitive reference work.  This title is available for iPhone and BlackBerry.  Click here to learn more.

Reading the New Testament Commentary Series

New!   Reading the New Testament : A Literary and Theological Commentary Series

This 13 volume commentary series presents cutting edge biblical research in accessible language that is both coherent and comprehensive. It is edited by Charles H. Talbert, Distinguished Professor of Religion at Baylor University. An excellent addition to the library of seminary students and other serious Bible scholars, volumes can be purchased individually, or you can buy the entire 13 volume set for $99.99 for a discount of 25%!

These titles are available for iPhone and BlackBerry today, and will be available for Palm, Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, and Symbian soon!  Click here for more information on the series, or click on a title above for the individual volume.

Updated Files

These updates were released in response to issues raised by Olive Tree users. If you notice an error that needs to be corrected in an Olive Tree resource, let us know by filling out a support ticket, or posting a comment on one of the Olive Tree Forums. Your feedback helps us improve our products!

for BibleReader 4.0 (iPhone and BlackBerry)

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New to iPhone and BlackBerry platforms, titles below are already available for Palm and Windows Mobile, and many are available for Symbian. Click on any title for a full description, and to find out what platforms each title is available for.

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New to iPhone and BlackBerry platforms, titles below are already available for Palm and Windows Mobile, and many are available for Symbian. Click on any title for a full description, and to find out what platforms each title is available for.

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SUPPORT TIPS:  Downloading Large Files

iPhone and BlackBerry devices have their own internet connection, which lets Olive Tree users install Bibles and other books over the air (via wireless internet). Often, it's the easiest installation there is!

But for larger files, over the air installation can be problematic. Depending on the strength of your internet signal, the connection can be dropped mid-download. And if the download process is interrupted, you could be left with partial files that BibleReader can't read. If the internet connection is weak, downloading large files can take a very long time, which can be inconvenient as well as increasing the chance of interruptions.

What should Olive Tree users do when they want to install large files conveniently?

    Manual Installation (Recommended):

    If you have the option, install large files to your device manually, by connecting it to your desktop or laptop computer. Drag and drop the files to the correct location on your device, or use the desktop software that comes with your device, like BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    • BlackBerry users: Follow these manual installation instructions. Make sure you have sufficient space on your media card before installing.

    • Palm users: Download the .zip file version of your product, extract the files, and manually transfer all .pdb files to your card via a card reader or other means to show your card as a drive on your computer. In most cases, the .pdb files should be installed in the Palm/Launcher subdirectory.

    Other Fixes:

    Some devices (like iPhone) don't allow manual installation of files, so here are some other fixes that may help.

    • Check the available memory. A download can fail simply because there's not enough memory on the device or the memory card for a large file, so make sure you have enough space available before you begin the download.

    • Adjust your device's "sleep" settings. If your device "goes to sleep" during a long download, it can interrupt the download and result in unreadable files. On iPhone, choose Settings > Auto Lock > Never. Other devices have different controls. Remember to change these settings back after the download is completed, to help your battery last longer.

    • Remain stationary. Don't walk around the house while a file is downloading, and don't download a file while driving. Moving your device can affect the strength of the signal or cause the connection to be dropped.

    • Choose WiFi. If you have the option to use WiFi as your mobile network, rather than your carrier's network (like AT&T or Verizon), switch to WiFi. WiFi connections can offer more bandwidth and a stronger connection, which means quicker file downloads and fewer interruptions. Not all carriers allow WiFi connections, however. On BlackBerry, you can check this under Manage Connections. Other devices have different controls.

    • Download during non-peak hours. Heavy network traffic can make downloads slow and interruptions more likely. Try downloading early in the morning or late at night (US times) when network use is lighter.

    • Hotsync files individually. For Palm users, large files may not hotsync properly to your device. Many Bibles and larger resources contain multiple files, so try syncing each .pdb file individually.

We hope these suggestions help if you have trouble downloading a large file. Some of our newest and richest resources, like New Unger's Bible Handbook, have large files, and we want all our users to be able to enjoy them.


           ~The Team at Olive Tree