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Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem
Sure I Believe - So What!

Sure I Believe - So What!

by James Montgomery Boice

No matter how enthusiastically we embrace doctrinal teaching it has no real power unless accompanied by action. James Boice tackles key areas of conflict in the Christian's life - avoiding hypocrisy, guarding our tongues using our wealth appropriately, perseverance. If you really believe then it will show in your life. James is a practical book, too pract… Read more…

Cristologia - a doutrina de Jesus Cristo

Cristologia - a doutrina de Jesus Cristo

by Esequias Soares

Em Cristologia, A Doutrina de Jesus Cristo, Esequias Soares aborda a natureza humana e divina de Jesus Cristo, seus ofícios como: profeta, sacerdote, rei além dos seus títulose obras. São 13 capítulos nos quais o objetivo é oferecer ao leitor a verdadeira identidade de Cristo como revela a Palavra de Deus, denunciando as idéias errôneas dos céti… Read more…

Counterpoints: Four Views on Divine Providence

Counterpoints: Four Views on Divine Providence

by Stanley N. Gundry

Questions about divine providence have preoccupied Christians for generations: Are people elected to salvation? For whom did Jesus die? This book introduces readers to four prevailing views on divine providence, with particular attention to the question of who Jesus died to save (the extent of the atonement) and if or how God determines who will be saved (pr… Read more…

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Christian Theology, 3rd Edition

Christian Theology, 3rd Edition

by Millard J. Erickson

In the third edition to his bestselling textbook, Christian Theology, leading evangelical scholar Millard Erickson offers substantially updated and revised material throughout. This edition takes into account feedback from professors and students and reflects current theological conversations, with added material on the atonement, justification, and divine f… Read more…

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

by Stanley Grenz, David Guretzki and Cherith Fee Nording

Studying theology is like entering into a conversation that has existed for over two thousand years. Crucial to understanding that conversation is a familiarity with the language and theologians over the last twenty centuries. This dictionary of over 300 entries is a helpful tool to those just learning theology, and can be a valuable, concise resource for … Read more…


Strong's Systematic Theology

by Augustus Strong

This monumental and hallmark Baptist work continues to influence students of the Bible, and its far reaching impact is still felt today. Systematic Theology by Augustus Hopkins Strong is a three volume work, reproduced here as a single file, that is extensively cross-referenced, well indexed with other sources and works, and thoroughly detailed. Written wh… Read more…

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