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King James Version - KJV - with Strong

King James Version - KJV - with Strong's Numbers

The King James Version (KJV) is an English translation of the Holy Bible, commissioned for the benefit of the Church of England at the behest of King James I of England. First published in 1611, it has had a profound impact not only on most English translations that have followed it, but also on English literature as a whole. The KJV with Strong's Numb… Read more…

New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong

New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong's Numbers

A modern revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, which is still respected for its accuracy, the New American Standard Bible (NASB) conforms closely to the original Greek and Hebrew but keeps the reader in mind when it comes to readability. The NASB has enjoyed wide use and honor since it first entered the public in 1971. Olive Tree’s version u… Read more…

New King James Version with Strong

New King James Version with Strong's - NKJV Strong's

The New King James Version is now available with Strong's numbers! About the NKJV Bible: Based on the same Hebrew and Greek texts used by the translators of the masterful and time-honored King James Version of 1611, the New King James Version, or NKJV, attempts to update the language of its predecessor while preserving its faithfulness to the truth and i… Read more…

Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB with Strong

Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB with Strong's Numbers

The popular Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is now available with Strong's Numbers, a powerful Bible study tool. About the HCSB translation: One hundred scholars collaborated to produce this new translation, one which they envisioned not as a revision of earlier English translations, but as something completely original, derived directly… Read more…

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) Study Bible Notes

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) Study Bible Notes

The HCSB Study Bible Notes contain notes, maps, charts, word studies, and illustrations to illuminate the biblical text. For deeper study, there are introductions for each book, outlines and timelines, a concordance, and more. For the growing believer whose desire is to know Scripture more intimately and live out its loving instruction, the HCSB Study Bible… Read more…

MacArthur Study Bible with ESV

MacArthur Study Bible with ESV

by John MacArthur

For years, the spiritual lives of countless men and women all over the world have been strengthened with the help of The MacArthur Study Bible. This all-in-one spiritual library contains Dr. MacArthur’s personal study notes along with the full-length Bible text. Virtually every Scripture has a matching study note with detailed information, explanation, and… Read more…

New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABre)

New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABre)

The New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABre), sponsored by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, is the result of 20 years of work by a group of nearly 100 scholars and theologians, including bishops, revisers and editors. This translation takes into account the most current scholarship in biblical languages and the most recent discoveries of ancient m… Read more…

New Spirit-Filled Life Bible Notes

New Spirit-Filled Life Bible Notes

by Jack Hayford

Dr. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of The Church on the Way, has led a team of anointed leaders to produce the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, which offers a fresh look at the Scriptures and the work of the Holy Spirit. This new edition addresses important issues of Spirit-filled living in the context of solid biblical scholarship. Readers will be glad to see t… Read more…

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The Voice Bible

The Voice Bible

The Voice™ is a faithful dynamic equivalent translation that reads like a story with all the truth and wisdom of God's Word. Through compelling narratives, poetry, and teaching, The Voice invites readers to enter into the whole story of God with their heart, soul, and mind, enabling them to hear God speaking and to experience His presence in their lives.… Read more…


Nelson's Old Testament Survey: Discovering the Essence, Background & Meaning About Every Old Testament Book

by Eugene Merrill and Charles Dyer

Nelson's New Illustrated Old Testament Survey allows the reader to quickly summarize or review all the pertinent details about any Old Testament book. More than a Bible handbook but less than a commentary, this handy resource provides a section by section breakdown of issues and topics dealt with in the Hebrew Scriptures. It includes: Complete but conc… Read more…

Quest Study Bible Notes: The Question and Answer Bible

Quest Study Bible Notes: The Question and Answer Bible

The Quest Study Bible Notes answer your questions. Over 7,000 notes shed textual, theological, and historical light on the Bible’s most puzzling passages. Nearly 350 articles by top scholars address some of the most popular and provocative questions asked by Christians and non-Christians. An article index and expanded subject index help you quickly find… Read more…


Couples' Devotional Bible Notes (NIV)

Zondervan's Couples' Devotional Bible features daily reading devotionals from 143 evangelicals, ranging from Dale Evans (wife of TV cowboy Roy Rogers) to Frank Peretti (author of "This Present Darkness"). With scripture quoted from the New International Version, you can read this devotional in a split window alongside your favorite translation, sitting along… Read more…

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