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ESV Greek-English Interlinear New Testament

For The Bible Study App

ESV Greek-English Interlinear New Testament
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Available for: iPad, iPhone, and Windows Store.

ESV Greek-English Interlinear New Testament

For The Bible Study App

Publisher: Olive Tree

NOW AVAILABLE for iOS and Windows Store apps running version 5.9 and above

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Publisher: Olive Tree

Olive Tree’s ESV Greek-English Interlinear New Testament is built on the Greek text of the NA28, providing contextual glosses based on the English Standard Version (ESV) translation in a convenient interlinear format.

The text follows the order of the NA28 Greek text, the current scholarly standard, but provides English glosses based on the ESV translation for the same verse. Since the ESV provides a word for word rendering of the text as much as possible, most words in the Greek text will have a corresponding gloss from the ESV. This allows readers to see how the Greek text and the English translation line up on a word by word basis.

Each Greek and English word is also tagged with its corresponding Strong’s number, which can be accessed by simply tapping on the word. This allows users to quickly look up fuller meanings of words in the Olive Tree Enhanced Strong’s Dictionary, which is bundled with this resource. Parsing information on Greek words can also be accessed by tapping on Greek words, providing further insight to readers with even a basic knowledge of Greek grammar.

Upgrade Pricing Available! If you've previously purchased the English Standard Version with Strong's or the NA28 with Mounce Parsings, you can purchase this item for a special upgrade price. The upgrade price will be visible when you log in to your Olive Tree account and add the item to your cart (NOTE: Upgrade pricing is only available on, and not via in-app purchase).

ISBN: 9781500011253

5.9 is Coming Soon!

This product is only available for the new 5.9 version of our apps. However, if you purchase now, you will be able to download the product at no extra charge when your app is updated to version 5.9.

The Olive Tree team has been busy working on a major technology update to give you the best reading and studying experience possible. The Bible Study App 5.9 technology update is already available for our Windows Store and iOS apps. We are currently working on the 5.9 update for our Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop apps, and hope to have them released soon!

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Will 5.9 Be Available For My Device?
We are currently working on the 5.9 update for our Android, Mac, and Windows Desktop apps. Please note that 5.9 will only be available to the Android Google Play store for those running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, and to the Mac App Store for those running the latest Mac OS X version (Yosemite).

When Is The 5.9 Update Expected?
The 5.9 update is our top priority. We are working hard to get the update out as soon as we can. This is a major update to our core technology that requires us to rework major sections of the app. It could still be several months before we have fully rolled out 5.9 to all platforms.

Will I Have To Purchase This Resource Again?
Nope! If you purchase this product now, you will be able to download it as soon as your app has been updated to 5.9 at no additional charge.