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2 Corinthians 8:16-9:5 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 But (A)thanks be to God who (B)puts the same earnestness in your behalf in the heart of (C)Titus. 17 For he not only accepted our (D)appeal, but being himself very earnest, he has gone to you of his own accord. 18 We have sent along with him (E)the brother whose fame in the things of the (F)gospel has spread through (G)all the churches; 19 (H)and not only that, but he has also been (I)appointed by the churches to travel with us in (J)this gracious work, which is being administered by us for the glory of the Lord Himself, and to show our (K)readiness, 20 [a]taking precaution so that no one will discredit us in our administration of this generous gift; 21 for we (L)have regard for what is honorable, not only in (M)the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of other people. 22 We have sent with them our brother, whom we have often tested and found diligent in many things, but now even more diligent because of his great confidence in you. 23 As for (N)Titus, he is my (O)partner and fellow worker [b]among you; as for our (P)brothers, they are [c](Q)messengers of the churches, (R)a glory to Christ. 24 Therefore, [d]openly before the churches, [e]show them the proof of your love and of our (S)reason for boasting about you.

God Gives Most

For (T)it is superfluous for me to write to you about this (U)ministry to the [f]saints; for I know your willingness, of which I (V)boast about you to the (W)Macedonians, namely, that (X)Achaia has been prepared since (Y)last year, and your zeal has stirred up most of them. But I have sent the brothers, in order that our (Z)boasting about you may not prove empty in this case, so that, (AA)as I was saying, you will be prepared; otherwise, if any (AB)Macedonians come with me and find you unprepared, we—not to mention you—would be put to shame by this confidence. So I considered it necessary to urge the (AC)brothers that they go on ahead to you and arrange in advance your previously promised [g](AD)generous gift, that the same would be ready as a [h](AE)generous gift, and not as one grudgingly given due to greediness.

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

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