BibleReader 4.0 for Blackberry with media card

Detailed installation steps

  1. Direct your BlackBerry browser to

  2. Use your BlackBerry browser
  3. Click on "Install the free BlackBerry BibleReader".

  4. Click on install
  5. Click on "Install BibleReader 4.0 directly to your device".

  6. Click on install
  7. Click on "Download".

  8. Click on download
  9. The download will start.

  10. Download starts
  11. When the download completes, click "Run" to start the BibleReader.

  12. Download finished

To install purchased Bibles from within the new BibleReader:

  1. Click on the BibleReader application icon.

  2. BibleReader startup screen
  3. If you have not loaded any Bibles, you will see a message.

  4. No Bibles loaded message
  5. Click the menu button and select "Library".

  6. Select Library from menu
  7. You will see an empty library.

  8. Empty library
  9. Click the menu button and select "My Account".

  10. Select My Account from menu
  11. Enter your Olive Tree username and password.

  12. Enter your username and password
  13. You will see a list of books you have purchased.

  14. List of purchased books
  15. Click on a book to download it.

  16. Click to download
  17. The download will start.

  18. Download started
  19. When the download completes, the text will display.

  20. Download complete

To download free products:

  1. From the BibleReader menu, select Library.

  2. Select Library from menu
  3. From the Library screen, select Book Store from the menu.

  4. Select Book Store
  5. From the Book Store list, select Free Items.

  6. Select Free Items
  7. There will be a pause while information is retrieved from the server. Then you will see a list of available free books that will work with your device.

  8. List of Free Items
  9. Click on one of the free books to have it download directly to your device.

  10. Download a book


  1. BlackBerry OS 4.2 (or higher) and media card are required for BibleReader 4.0.
  2. When you go to Library -> My Account or Library -> Book Store, if no list of books appears, your Olive Tree network setting may need to be changed.
  3. We are still testing the automatic download. If you get an error, please report the exact message to the BlackBerry Beta forum.

To install Bibles manually for the new BibleReader:

  1. From your desktop computer, go to Olive Tree for BlackBerry with Media Card to see the products currently available for BlackBerry with Media Card.
  2. Make sure the Current Device at the top of the screen says "BlackBerryWithStorageCard(BR 4.0)".
  3. Download Bibles or eBooks to your desktop, then transfer to your media card. details
  4. Disconnect your BlackBerry from the USB cable before attempting to access your library.
  5. If your library is blank, select Reload library from the menu.

To transfer files manually to your media card:

  1. First, run the BibleReader, then use the menu to exit. This will create the directory needed for Bibles.
  2. Download the file directly to your desktop computer (no OTA install).
  3. Connect your BlackBerry to your desktop computer using the USB cable.
  4. Transfer the .pdb file as follows:
  5. Without using Desktop Manager: Using Desktop Manager:
  6. Disconnect your BlackBerry from the USB cable.
  7. If the new file does not show up in the BibleReader immediately, go to the Library and select "Reload library" from the menu.