BibleReader for BlackBerry with Media Card -- manual install

To install BibleReader 4.x manually

  1. This method requires BlackBerry OS version 4.2.1.x or greater.
  2. Download the zip file to your desktop computer.
  3. Unzip the file using WinZip.
  4. Transfer the unzipped files to your storage card (1 *.jad file and 4 or 5 *.cod files, depending on the version). details
  5. On your BlackBerry, open Media and choose Explore from the menu.
  6. Find the *.jad file on the storage card, and select it to install the BibleReader.
  7. When the installation is complete, you can delete the *.jad and *.cod files from your storage card.

To install the BibleReader directly to your device (OTA), click here.

To transfer files manually to your media card:

  1. First, run the BibleReader, then use the menu to exit. This will create the directory needed for Bibles.
  2. Download the file directly to your desktop computer (no OTA install).
  3. Connect your BlackBerry to your desktop computer using the USB cable.
  4. Transfer the .pdb file as follows:
  5. Without using Desktop Manager: Using Desktop Manager:
  6. Disconnect your BlackBerry from the USB cable.
  7. If the new file does not show up in the BibleReader immediately, go to the Library and select "Reload library" from the menu.

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