BibleReader 4.x for Blackberry Storm with media card

BibleReader 4.x in two easy steps

For beta users:

Problems installing?

Storm compatibility: Please make sure to run this version with compatibility mode disabled. From the main BlackBerry screen, select Options > Advanced Options > Applications > BibleReader. Click the menu button and select "Disable Compatibility Mode".

Important! The 4.x version of BibleReader requires that you download new Bible files to your media card. Files from the 1.x BlackBerry reader, or from other platforms, are formatted differently, and will be ignored by the BibleReader.

For a manual install, download this file. Unzip the contents, and transfer all files to your media card. Click the bbreader.jad to install.

Installation | Release notes | Advanced search instructions

To install Bibles automatically from within the new BibleReader:

To install Bibles manually for the new BibleReader:

  1. From your desktop computer, go to Olive Tree for BlackBerry with Media Card to see the products currently available for BlackBerry with Media Card.
  2. Make sure the Current Device at the top of the screen says "BlackBerryWithStorageCard(BR 4.0)".
  3. Download Bibles or eBooks to your desktop, then transfer to your media card. details
  4. Disconnect your BlackBerry from the USB cable before attempting to access your library.
  5. If your library is blank, select Reload library from the menu.

Release notes

To transfer files manually to your media card:

  1. First, run the BibleReader, then use the menu to exit. This will create the directory needed for Bibles.
  2. Download the file directly to your desktop computer (no OTA install).
  3. Connect your BlackBerry to your desktop computer using the USB cable.
  4. Transfer the .pdb file as follows:
  5. Without using Desktop Manager: Using Desktop Manager:
  6. Disconnect your BlackBerry from the USB cable.
  7. If the new file does not show up in the BibleReader immediately, go to the Library and select "Reload library" from the menu.

To use advanced search options:

Advanced Search Syntax

We don't have the Advanced search syntax documentation ready to include with the reader yet. So here is some documentation on it. Please post to the forum if you have questions or examples of things you want to search for. That will be the most helpful to explain this. You don't have to use the Advanced Syntax. You only use it when this option is set in the search options. This is very powerful and very fast search algorithm.

To use advanced search, change the "Find" option on the search screen to "Advanced search."

The search string must start with an open parenthesis and end with a close parenthesis plus the codes following it or it must be a single word. Each word may have an unlimited number of asterisks in any position. The codes following the close parenthesis are as follows:

Searches may be nested inside of searches as many times as one wishes. There is no limit on the number of words within one set of parentheses, no limit on the number of nested searches, no limit on the length of the search, and practically no limit on the number of asterisks in each word (an upper limit is employed that we don't anticipate anyone reaching--currently 100).

Here are some example searches. The quotation marks are just for seeing what is part of the searches in this list. They are not part of the search syntax.

"jesus": returns all occurrences of the exact word "jesus"
"jes*": returns all occurrences of words beginning with "jes"
"*jes*s*": returns all occurrences of words with "jes" somewhere in the word with another "s" somewhere after it in the word (e.g. "jesus", "jesse")
"(jesus christ)aow1": returns all occurrences of the exact phrase "jesus christ"
"(jesus christ)anw1": returns all occurrences of "jesus christ" or "christ jesus"
"(jesus christ)anv0": returns all occurrences of "jesus" and "christ" anywhere in the same verse in either order
"(*hover* spir*)anv3": returns all occurrences of words with "hover" somewhere in them and words beginning with "spir" somewhere within 3 verses of one another

Also, if you don't want to use the () syntax you can use quotes for exact phrase. So searching for

"son of man" Jesus

will find all verses that have the exact phrase "son of man" and Jesus somewhere in it.

You can also put newlines in your search for readability. So you may write a search like this

(*hover* spir*)anv3
(god lord)o

This search returns all occurrences of words with "hover" somewhere in them and words beginning with "spir" somewhere within 3 verses of one another and either the word "god" or the word "lord" within 200 words (regardless of how many verses that is)of both the word with "hover" and the word beginning with "spir".

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