When most people first hear about the Archaeological Study Bible, they aren’t sure what to think.  An initial thought may be… “How is there an entire Bible devoted to archaeology?” And honestly, how could a study Bible devoted to archaeological study not be a snoozer?

But when you open up the Archaeological Study Bible and begin looking through it, odds are you’ll be impressed.

What’s Inside the Archaeological Study Bible

Mostly, articles.

The Archaeological Study Bible is a great resource, especially when it comes to articles!  There are over 500 articles covering five main categories:

  1. Archaeological Sites
  2. Cultural and Historical Notes
  3. Ancient Peoples and Lands
  4. Reliability of the Bible
  5. Ancient Texts and Artifacts

These articles will answer questions you never knew you had. Plus, they are very easy to find in the app. Open the resource, then the table of contents. Select the subject index and bam! There are all the articles organized alphabetically, ready at your fingertips.

But just as many photos.

That’s right! There are nearly 500 images and detailed maps to help you really know what’s being talked about.

image of tablets in the Archaeological study Bible
olive tree bible app screenshot

Did we mention charts and maps in the Archaeological Study Bible yet?

Because we should! There are charts and graphics on important topics in the study Bible. It’s always helpful to see information displayed in a colorful, organized way instead of paragraphs of data and dates. Just one more way this study Bible makes archaeology easier for us to understand!

chart in the archaeological study Bible
archaeology study bible land of the twelve tribes

And we haven’t even talked about the commentary.

Did you forget that this is a study Bible? That’s easy to do because there is so much jam-packed into this resource. But it is a study Bible and that means on top of everything we’ve mentioned, you’ll also find helpful notes while you read the Bible text. Like this:

archaeology study bible commentary

Additionally, our app always aims to make studying the Bible easier. So, as you read through your Bible, the Study Center will keep you synced with your reading. Then, if this study Bible has content related to the passage of the Bible you are reading, the Resource Guide will let you know.

This isn’t even all of it.

Yep, even after all this, there is still more content in this study Bible! It just keeps on giving. Here are the last few things we have yet to mention:

  • Detailed book introductions
  • Timelines and outlines
  • Quotes from ancient people, related to specific articles
  • Cross-references
  • Concordance
  • Glossary


Archaeological Study Bible

As you can see, you can spend hours learning the historical background of the Bible and the settings in which biblical events took place.  The articles and pictures will give you insights into the Bible and make you feel like you could have been there. Interested? Check out the Archaeological Study Bible in our store.


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