The newly released KJV Word Study Bible is a fantastic resource for your personal Bible study. It includes the King James Version (KJV) Bible text with Strong’s tagging KJV paragraph-style text, book introductions, word studies, Indexes and a concordance. In this blog we’ll show you how this great resource works when used in the Olive Tree Bible App.

Strong’s Tagging

The KJV Word Study Bible includes Strong’s tagging. This means you can tap an English word and get the Greek or Hebrew word that the English word is translated from. Strong’s tagged words are indicated by a slight blue/grey shading. The Strong’s popup will then give you a dictionary definition of that word and the option to lookup more information on the word itself (very useful if you have more in depth dictionaries in your library) or search on the Strong’s number to see where that word appears throughout the Bible.


Study Bible Notes

The study Bible notes in the KJV Word Study Bible are best used in the split window of the Bible App. You can access them in the Resource Guide under ‘Commentaries’ or from your Library in the split window. They will stay in sync as you are reading and provide you with easy access to word study articles.

Hyperlinked words are in green and allow you to quickly jump to other study sections.

Verses open in a convenient popup.

English Word Index

Scripture Passage Index

While the most common word studies are shown front and center there are often word study articles available on more than one word per verse. If that is the case you’ll find links for those additional word studies that you can easily tap for further reading.

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  1. Roland coleman Reply

    The number one thing that would entice me to upgrade would be if I could selectively turn off notes, highlights and tags at the category or sub category level, versus only being able to turn everything on or everything off. This feature alone would make the app infinitely more useful because it would allow the user to develop an infinite number of Bible studies without the highlights and notes running together. Personally, I’m at a standstill with the original KJV with Strongs app until this feature is added because it is just too cluttered to be useful. I LOVE this app and requested this feature several years ago, and I’m anxiously waiting for it to become available! In the meantime, God bless, and keep up the good work!

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