The day has finally arrived—YOU CAN INSERT EMOJIS INTO YOUR NOTES!
Some of you may have tried this before and it worked. But as soon as you went to look at the note on another device… emojis were gone! It wasn’t until now that we have been able to provided emoji that will sync across devices.

So, go on! Get carried away! Insert emojis wherever you please! Here’s how I used this new feature last week. Tap to enlarge the images!



  1. Donald Keiffer Reply

    This is great!🤓
    Is there a way to use emoji’s for “note icons”?
    Would really be great as “note icons” are limited.
    Thank you,

  2. DAN NEWTON Reply

    I would personally prefer highlighting, underlining and bold text to the emoji’s. Any chance of that happening anytime soon?

    • I agree with you Dan. If I remember right, about three years ago Olivetree said this would be coming soon but it hasn’t arrived yet. Olivetree is falling way behind in this area as other companies have had this for the last year. I do hope we get this soon.

      • Outlining functionality also would be awesome. Emojis are cute, but outlining and formatting mentioned above would but much more useful!

  3. Hello Guys!
    I’m kinda new to this, so i’ll just like know how to get my notes saved. Cause I’ve been jotting down my personal work, sermons and even ideas in “My Notes”. So, is that all part of the syncing process, and if so, how do know or better still, see my work saved!?.

    • Cierra Klatt Reply

      Your notes are always saved! You can see them all in one place by going to the main menu screen and selecting “Notes.”

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