2016 was a great year as people just like you used the Olive Tree Bible App for reading and studying God’s word!

All around the world and from all walks of life people continued to use the app for personal devotions, sermon preparation, small group gatherings, church worship services and more. As the new calendar has turned over we wanted to share with you a few stats from 2016.

Whether it was iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, PC, or Mac, you opened the app millions of times to engage with God’s word! 213 million app opens means that on average 6 people open the app per second. Someone somewhere is always reading at the same time as you.

21 Million hours is the equivalent of 2,397 years in the app! Of all the apps you own, anytime spent in the Olive Tree Bible App is time well spent because it means you were feeding your soul.

If you have a decent sized collection of resources in your library the ability to ‘favorite’ the ones you use the most is a great app feature.

With reading plans as short as week to as long as two years the app makes keeping track of daily Bible reading easy.

It comes as no surprise that in a Bible app the most used (opened) titles are Bibles. Matthew Henry’s Concise commentary continues to be a trusted (and free) Bible study resource.

Notes, highlights, tags, reading plans, resources…you can access them all on any device that the Olive Tree Bible App is installed on. All you need is a free account!

People all around the world continue to use the Olive Tree Bible App, ensuring that they can read and study God’s word anywhere they go!

Make sure and check out some of the best titles from 2016!




  1. Donald Keiffer Reply

    Not to be too picky picky but
    Make sure and check out some some of the best titles from 2016!
    some some ?

    Have a nice day. It’s snowing here in Lake Isabella, CA, first time in about 3 or 4 years, it’s great.

    • Randy Chesnut Reply

      C’mon Don – we had a White Christmas, a White New Year’s (with a White Elephant party as well in Bodfish), and forecast is for more tonite !
      Come visit the Garden Community Fellowship – you’ll love it !!!

  2. Terry Clyde Reply

    I appreciated this blog post. Thank you for sending it. Have a blessed 2017.

  3. Jose quintin Reply

    I have been user of Bible since last month. I find it very user friendly . You are propagating the WORD of GOD with out any advertisement. I wish your endeavouring efforts good success. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you and your family.

  4. Amerdev Paul Reply

    I have been using the Olive Tree App for few years. It has been a tremendous tool for personal reading and studying God’s Word.
    If you need a good Bible Study App, then you will not be disappointed with the Olive Tree App.
    You will be immensely blessed in your christian life and you walk with Lord. This app has vast Study Resources for Preaching, Study and teaching. Use it to advance the Gospel of our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Anstey Jeremiah Reply

    No matter how long your bible lesson, study or sermon, olive tree takes it all. You can cut and paste from anywhere and you can go from one device to another for continuity sake. If only we can bold and underline in our notes, that would be the best thing ever. I love my olive tree, but for me JFB and my NIV word study interlinear are my best resources.

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