This Month’s Study Pack Preview Access Titles!

Study Packs are already a pretty sweet deal. For just $5.99 a month (or less), you gain access to a curated selection of tools designed to get you the most out of your Bible reading. However, as a special treat, you will also get special Preview Access to additional titles in your library; these are temporary selections we think you’ll love.

How it works

Each month, you will automatically find one or two different titles in your library. Typically, the first book is fully available while the other is a short excerpt to give you a taste. You can read these at your own leisure, and at the end of the month, we will replace them with two new Preview Access titles for you!

Thanks to our partners, we offer these Preview Access titles on a limited-time rotation. The ESV previews are different from the NIV and NKJV, which are usually the same.

September’s Preview Access Titles

preview access literary study Bible keys to spiritual growth

ESV Study Pack:

This month, the ESV Study Pack includes the ESV Literary Study Bible and the first three chapters of Keys to Spiritual Growth: Unlocking the Riches of God.

preview access Bible speaks today study Bible

NIV Study Pack:

This month, the NIV Study Pack has just the NIV Bible Speaks Today Study Bible.

NKJV Study Pack Bible Speaks Today

NKJV Study Pack:

This month, the NKJV Study Pack also includes the NIV Bible Speaks Today Study Bible.

Do these sound interesting to you? Don’t wait any longer to start reading your Preview Access titles! If you’re not already subscribed to a study pack, go ahead and start today! Study Packs are available on the Olive Tree app for ESV, NIV, and NKJV.