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Desktop Assistant for BibleReader

Latest update: January 11, 2007

The Desktop Assistant is a PC utility developed to allow you to interact with some of BibleReader's features from your desktop computer. It includes the ability to work with your personal note files created with the BibleReader. It also allows you to create your own Daily Reading Schedule to use with BibleReader. At this time, this utility will only interact with your Personal Note Files and Daily Reading Schedules.

Desktop Assistant Features:

  • Palm and Pocket PC platforms
  • Edit personal notes and verse references
  • Create new personal notes
  • Delete personal notes
  • Export notes to a text (.txt) file or web page (.html) file. Note: If you make changes to an exported file, you cannot import these changes back to the Desktop Assistant or the BibleReader.
  • Backup notes file to your desktop computer
  • Install modified notes files back to your device
  • Some formatting support using the Olive Tree Markup Language (OTML)
  • Support for creating your own Daily Bible Reading schedule from an XML file. If the XML is formatted correctly, a file called DailyBible.pdb will be created that will work with the BibleReader on your Palm or Pocket PC. Note: Preliminary support for this requires basic knowledge of XML or HTML.
  • Help Manual included (on the menu, click on Help->Contents..., or press F1)


  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher (NOT supported on Mac)
  • Microsoft .net (dotnet) framework installed--if you don't have this, you will be given the option to download and install it during installation. This is a fairly large download, and if you know that you already have it, you can skip this portion of the installation.
  • Handheld device running PalmOS (Palm) or Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)
  • Olive Tree's BibleReader installed on the handheld device

Other Information:

PalmOS Devices

For Palm devices, the application works on the notes files that it finds in your Palm backup directory on your PC. So, it will use the most recent files as of your last HotSync. When you are finished working with a note file and want to put it back on the device, you must select the file from the list, and click on the Install button from the toolbar. You will then be prompted to press the HotSync button on your device to complete the installation.

NOTE: At this point support for storage cards on Palm devices is not finished. As long as the note file from your storage card is backed up to your PC in the backup directory (C:\Program Files\PalmOne\your profile\Backup\), the application will find it. However, when you try to install the file back to the device, it will only install to main memory. This is something that will be fixed in a future update.

Pocket PC Devices

If you have a Pocket PC device, there are a few things to notice. First, for the application to work correctly, you must have the BibleReader on your device closed, and your device must be connected to the desktop computer. Make sure to close the BibleReader by clicking on Tools>Exit, not by tapping the "x" at the top of the screen (this does not close the program). Also, when the note files are opened, they are taken directly from the handheld device. When a note is changed or added, and then saved, the file is immediately copied back to the device. You do not need to install the file manually.

NOTE: For the note files to be found by the application, they must be stored in one of these default directories:

  • \My Documents\Bible\
  • \Storage Card\My Documents\Bible\
  • \Storage Card\Bible\
  • \SD Card\My Documents\Bible\
  • \SD Card\Bible\
  • \CF Card\My Documents\Bible\
  • \CF Card\Bible\


To run the Desktop Assistant on your PC, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you satisfy all requirements listed above
  2. Purchase Desktop Assistant (once purchased, you can always download updates from your Personal Library)
  3. Download and run the installer on your PC
  4. To run the application, double-click on the "Olive Tree Desktop Assistant" shortcut on your Desktop