Android Phone – Downloading Your Books

If you haven’t already installed the Olive Tree app on your device, click here for instructions.

Download your purchased books

First, make sure you are logged in to your Olive Tree account within the app by following these steps:

From your Android phone with the Olive Tree app open, tap the phone menu button

On the pop up, tap ‘Settings’

Android Phone Menu

Select ‘Account Settings’ from the menu

Android Account Settings

Tap ‘Change Login’ to enter in your username and password

Note: Even if your Olive Tree credentials are the same, type them in again and tap the ‘OK’ button to verify your information. You may be prompted to restart the app.

After reopening the Olive Tree app, use the following steps to download your purchased titles.

From the top menu bar in the app, tap the Library button Android Library button

On the top right of the Library pop-up, tap the ‘Store’ button

Android Account tab

Select the ‘Account’ tab from along the top of the store page

The ‘Account’ tab will display all of the titles currently registered to your Olive Tree account. To download a title to your Android phone, simply tap the ‘Download’ button. The title will be added to your download queue, represented by the small red number. Once the download finishes, open your library to find the new title.

If you are not able to download a title which you purchased within the Olive Tree app on your Android phone, click here  for information about In-App Purchases.

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