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In these articles you will discover the wonderful potential for Bible study your supported smartphone or tablet has. Select a title to read the article online or download it to your device. Please note that some older articles may contain images or references to older devices or platforms no longer supported, however the study articles themselves are still applicable.

Meditating on God's Word -- Most Read
Handle the word as a reservoir of promises for prayer and mediation

Appreciating Greek with Wuest's Translation
Discover how an expanded translation unlocks secrets of the Greek language

Encouragement to Study the Bible -- New!
God's Word is a Treasure to be Pursued

The Lord's Prayer -- New!
Explore the Prayer in Matthew Chapter 6

Loving Bible Software -- New!
Bible Software is a great tool to study the Bible

Olive Tree Testimonies -- New!
Lots of people that love Olive Tree

Blessings of Daily Scripture Reading
Discover how Olive Tree software can help you with regular Bible reading

Using Cross References
Explore the use of cross references to let the Bible interpret itself

Tools for Gaining a Deeper Understanding
Open up God's word at deeper levels using tools that foster comprehension

Three-in-one Study
A brief overview of how three products can be used and viewed at the same time for enhanced Bible study.

Bible Study Tips: Using Study Bibles
An overview of what a study Bible is and how it can be used to enhance your Bible study experience.

Bible Study Tips: Using Strong’s Numbers
An overview of what a word study is and how a Strong’s-tagged Bible from Olive Tree can make this easy, intuitive and enjoyable.

Discovering the Many Uses of Olive Tree Bible Software
An overview of our versatile Bible software on a variety of devices

Explore the Bible on your PDA or Smartphone
Learn about the convenience of using Olive Tree's Bible software with your device

Getting Started with your PDA Bible
Find out how a few simple features can unlock the power of your BibleReader

The Why and How of Bible Searches
Find answers to your Scripture questions with powerful BibleReader search tools

Singing and Making Melody in your Heart to the Lord
Enhance your devotional experience with great hymns and the stories behind them

The Value of Multiple Translations
Learn the value of using multiple translations to pinpoint meaning in Scripture

Knowing and Applying the Basics of English Grammar
Find out how a knowledge of basic grammar can lead to deeper revelation