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Discovering the Many Uses of Olive Tree Bible Software

One of the goals of Olive Tree Bible Software has been to make the Bible and related tools available for most handheld computing devices. In this article, we would like to tell you, in overview fashion, what our versatile software can do on your particular device.

The Bible and Electronic Media

In today's world almost everyone carries at least one electronic communication device, if not more than one: these include the popular iPod; efficient handheld computers, like the Palm and HP iPaq Pocket PC; and multipurpose cell phone PDA's, such as Palm's Treo and the Blackberry devices. Along with all these, of course, we have a vast array of ordinary cell phones, which almost everyone has, it seems. What most people probably do not realize, however, is that many of these electronic media (if purchased within the last few years) have something very important in common: you can use them to read the Bible.

The Bible is a book that needs very little introduction. It is the most sought after and influential book ever written. Its message has transformed lives, changed empires, and shaken the world. Those who read the Bible regularly know how reading this book helps them to cultivate a life of intimacy with the book's Author. While for decades many of us carried God's word in our pockets in small-print versions, usually of the New Testament only, now we can carry the whole Bible, along with a great number and variety of Bible study tools. All of the electronic devices I mentioned above enable one, at the very least, to read the Bible; and with some of them, one can do much more. Let's talk briefly about what you can do with a range of handheld computing devices and Olive Tree's Bible software.

Starting Simple

A number of devices have limited but very useful capabilities when it comes to using Olive Tree software and products. Even those wireless devices with the least Olive Tree functionality enable you to read English Bibles, view multiple English Bible translations, and navigate through your Bibles using a simple process for locating book, chapter, and verse. Devices that use either wireless application protocol (WAP) or basic Java fall into this category. If you have one of these, then using an Internet connection you can most likely read and enjoy your Bible with it. Olive Tree's web site explains the process of downloading the necessary files, and our technical support staff can guide you through as well.

But here's something you may not have thought about. The iPod you take with you on a walk or a run may also be used to read the Bible if your model has a screen for viewing. On your iPod, using the Notes feature, you can read Bible text, daily devotionals, Christian eBooks, and Bible translations in languages other than English (such as French, German, and Spanish). Our web site will direct you through the download process, and you'll be up and running in no time. With Olive Tree software on your iPod, you can have God's word with you whenever and wherever!

Stepping Up

Olive Tree Software also works with the popular Blackberry and with advanced Java devices, such as Motorola's Razr and Rokr (which, incidentally, require Internet connections). With these devices you can, of course, read and navigate through your English Bibles. But there's more. These advanced devices add the ability to set scrolling options, program short-cut keys, and search your Bible (which, believe it or not, is even better than having a complete concordance for every Bible translation you own). On the Blackberry, in addition to Bibles, you can read Christian eBooks. It's easy to see how these devices represent a step up from the WAP and basic Java units. You can read your Bible and also enjoy eBooks, devotionals, and foreign language texts; moreover, you have more choices for navigation with the short cut and scrolling options.

Going Higher Still

Here are examples of some devices that do all or most of what has been mentioned already, along with quite a bit more: these are the Symbian Series 60, 80, and UiQ cell phones and the Windows Mobile (WM) Smartphone. (Although more advanced cell phones are sometimes generically called "smartphones," the term is really a trade name for this Windows Mobile product).

Symbian cell phones enable you to read, search, customize options, and create short-cuts (with the one exception that the Symbian 80 does not do short-cuts). If you have a Symbian series 60 device, add to what we've already described the ability to read Bible commentaries, to view red letter Bibles as they appear in print, and to modify fonts and colors. The Symbian UiQ platforms have a touch sensitive screen, and so support translator notes and products with hyperlinks, including Bibles with Strong's numbers and cross references.

By the way, the inclusion of Bibles with Strong's numbers greatly enhances your search capabilities since you may now search on a Strong's number, which represents a Hebrew or Greek word in its lexical form. When you search on a Strong's number, you get every instance in which a particular Hebrew or Greek word is used, regardless of the form in which it appears. Essentially, you now have the Englishman's Hebrew and Greek Concordances in your hand.

At the time of this writing, the Windows Mobile Smartphone possesses the ability to do everything mentioned in this section except hyperlinking (Strong's numbers and cross references) and viewing publisher notes. A new version of BibleReaderâ„¢, coming soon, will add these two features and will also enable you to read Hebrew and Greek dictionaries. Currently, you can also create your own bookmarks and personal notes on this platform.

All of these features make these particular Symbian cell phones and Windows Mobile Smartphone very useful media for reading and studying the Bible with Olive Tree software.

All of the Above and a Lot More

Olive Tree's innovative Bible study software achieves its fullest functionality when used with the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms, either on handheld computers or on cell phone hybrids that use these operating systems. With an HP iPaq (PPC), a Tungsten or LifeDrive (Palm OS), a Palm Treo (Palm OS or PPC), a Verizon XV6700 (PPC), or a large number of other devices like them, you can perform any function and read any resource that Olive Tree's BibleReaderâ„¢ supports.

This means that if your handheld computing device uses Palm OS or Pocket PC, you can have a true library of Bibles and study tools stored on your PDA or cell phone, a library that may include Bibles, Original Language Texts, Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Christian eBooks, Daily Devotionals, iLumina Mobile products, maps, and cross references. In addition to what we've already mentioned, you can scroll automatically, copy and paste to your personal notes, customize your tool bars, set a daily reading schedule, highlight your Bible texts, vary the way verses display, view your verse history, synchronize Bible versions in split-screen mode, and read additional languages, such as Arabic (PPC only) and Chinese (still being perfected). Clearly, this is the category that gives you the most product choices and the most functionality with Olive Tree software. To facilitate your Bible study experience with these platforms, Olive Tree has made a wide range of bundles or collections available at a substantial savings.

Most Importantly

Of all the things you can do with Olive Tree Bible Software, the most popular and important remains, simply, reading the Bible. You can do your Bible reading on all of the devices we've mentioned, as well as on dozens more. If you're like me, you will truly enjoy the ease, portability, and convenience of using Olive Tree Bibles and Bible study tools on your handheld computing device.

If you would like more information, you can view a table comparing the functionality of the various devices mentioned in this article or a manual that explains the features of BibleReaderâ„¢ with the Palm and Pocket PC platforms. We hope you have found this article to be a helpful primer concerning the wide variety of options you have when you use Olive Tree Bible Software products with the many mobile devices available on today's market.

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