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These manuals, written by our technical support experts a number of years ago, can still walk you through installation and utilizing the features of the BibleReader software for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

Please note however that the BibleReader program was designed for earlier versions of the Windows Mobile operating system using a stylus; it does not support "gestures", and is no longer in active development.

In the case of newer Windows Mobile software (e.g. Windows Mobile Professional or Standard 6.5), we recommend that you download a free product prior to purchasing to determine if you like the way the reader works on your phone, or if there might arise any incompatibilities with installation. However, purchases made directly from are fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.

BibleReader 3.68

Palm OS Read Online Download PDF
Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5.0 and later) Read Online Download PDF
Pocket PC (Prior to Windows Mobile 5.0) Read Online Download PDF

BibleReader 3.69

Windows Mobile Smartphone Read Online Download PDF

Desktop Assistant 1.00 - no longer a current product

Desktop Assistant Read Online Download PDF