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Version 3.70 Build 292, Updated January 14, 2009 -- updated for the ESV Study Bible

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* What is ARM for Palm OS?
We have recently introduced a new build of our Palm BibleReader targeted for ARM Palm devices. This build will only run on Palm units with an ARM processor and running Palm OS 5.0 or greater (and not Sony Clie). The advantage of this BibleReader is that it runs faster since it is targeted to the ARM processor. We had to make extensive changes to the BibleReader to make it run natively on ARM. Thus, this reader is still in beta. So we have changed the name of this reader to aBibleReader. This will let you have both BibleReaders installed at the same time on your Palm unit in case you run into problems with the ARM BibleReader. Also, if you have iLumina installed on your system you will need to install new home screens (iLumina NIV or iLumina ESV) as the old home screens are not compatible with the ARM BibleReader. Most users just need to install the "A" home screens.