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Brief History of Olive Tree

1996: Built a website ( OliveTree.com ) that supported searching the Bible.

August 1998: With the increased interest in handheld devices, the first Palm Pilot BibleReader was released.

January 1999: First Windows CE (now Pocket PC) BibleReader was released. Also, the NKJV was released for handhelds.

2000: The company assumed the name Olive Tree Bible Software. The name is taken from Romans 11:17. Incorporated in 2000.

2002: The BibleReader resources are encoded with a markup language called OTML. OTML stands for Olive Tree Markup Language.

2005: BibleReader was released for Smartphone, Symbian, and BlackBerry devices.

2008: BibleReader 4 was designed from scratch using an updated markup language called OTML. BibleReader was released for Apple iPhone.

2009: BibleReader was released for Google Android and Symbian 60-5

2010 - 2012: NOW - Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android, and they all sync.

Today: Over 10,000 free Biblical items (Bibles, commentaries, eBooks) are downloaded from our website every month!

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