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Study Bible: Bible Study Tools in One Place

Bible students have long sought for ways to gather together in one place the most important Bible study tools one uses. This desire has led to the creation of numerous handy, portable, and informative study Bibles.

The modern concept of a study Bible may have originated when Cyrus I. Scofield's annotated version of the King James Version first appeared in 1909. Scofield's idea to include commentary notes and extensive cross references along with the Bible text in one volume was a unique and highly useful one. Today, a number of Bible scholars have followed in his footsteps to create study Bibles with notes, tables, charts, lists, cross references, and other useful helps. Among these are the well known Ryrie Study Bible, the NIV Study Bible, and, of course, revised and updated versions of the Scofield Study Bible.

Olive Tree is happy to provide these works and a number of other popular study Bibles for use on your PDA or mobile phone. You will appreciate how easy it is to navigate through a study Bible using our trademark BibleReader software. Now, on a handheld device small enough to put in your purse or pocket, you can carry a number of complete study Bibles, as well as hundreds of other Olive Tree products: a veritable library of Biblical riches for reading, study, research, and meditation.

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