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Mobile Bible software designed for
advanced Greek and Hebrew study.

  • Greek and Hebrew scriptures, with parsing - standard scholarly texts with parsing and lexicons available
  • Lexical and morphological information - displayed with one touch
  • Fast and powerful searches - as powerful as desktop software
  • Beautiful Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic fonts - comparable to the printed page

Powerful tools, with clean, intuitive interface and quick results

Olive Tree Bible Software offers the standard scholarly Greek and Hebrew texts, parsing and morphological information at the touch of a finger, and fast and powerful searches on words or morphologies - all developed especially for mobile devices like the iPhone.

Find texts like Greek New Testament (NA27), Greek New Testament with Mounce-Koivisto Morphology and UBS Lexicon, LXX (Septuaginta) Greek Old Testament, LXX with Parsing and LEH Lexicon, BHS (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia), BHS with Westminster Morphology and BDB Lexicon, all formatted for your mobile device and displayed in beautiful Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic fonts. Our secret is specialized Unicode fonts that overcome the display limitations of mobile technology! BHS on your iPhone displays virtually the same as BHS on the printed page.

Uncover lexical and morphological information for almost every word in any parsed Greek or Hebrew text. Touch once and see it in a quick, easy-to-read format. Choose split-screen or pop-up display for parsing information. You'll see the lexeme, gloss, morphological codes and English interpretation, along with a link to automatically view the full lexicon entry. BDB, LEH, and UBS lexica are independently accessible and searchable.

Perform desktop-quality searches on your mobile device with our specially designed Greek and Hebrew search engine. You can type your search terms in Greek or Hebrew, and choose to search the text or the morphology database. Use Boolean logic with any search for an extremely powerful search function. Make your search results easy to use, with sorting by location, word, or morphology code.

Bible Software Shootout

At the 2009 annual meeting of SBL (Society of Biblical Literature), Olive Tree participated in the Bible Software Shootout, a friendly competition showcasing Bible software's ability to answer real-life research questions.

Performing alongside Bible software peers like Logos, Bible Works, and Accordance, Olive Tree was the only mobile platform for Greek and Hebrew research.

Competitors answered the following 5 questions:

  • Give the parsing of a word and its meaning from a standard source.
  • Show all the occurrences of a word in the NT and LXX and show the Hebrew word which corresponds with the Greek in the LXX (if there is a correspondence).
  • Find all the occurrences of in Mathew's gospel followed by a finite verb within the clause.
  • I want to study a part of speech, e.g., demonstrative pronouns or interjections. How do I get all of the lemmas for that part of speech, get all the occurrences of those lemmas, and the results organized in such a way that I could write an article/monograph on that part of speech from the data?
  • I want to study the inflections of the Hebrew middle weak verb, and I want to see what the range of possible variations are for each of the conjugations (perfect, imperative, etc.), person, number, gender, stem. This means I need to find all the middle weak verbs, find all their occurrences, and organize them in such a way that the variations of their inflections are immediately apparent. The goal of the data organization would be to allow me to write an article about variations of the Hebrew middle weak verb.

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