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Resources by Woodrow Kroll

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Facing Your Final Job Review

Facing Your Final Job Review

by Woodrow Kroll

Every follower of Christ will one day stand before the judgment seat of Christ, the most important event in a Christian’s future. This can be an imposing, threatening possibility—unless people understand what it’s really all about and know what to expect. Facing Your Final Job Review brings together what the Bible says about this heavenly courtroo… Read more…

Proverbs The Pursuit of God

Proverbs The Pursuit of God's Wisdom

by Woodrow Kroll and Woodrow Kroll

We all make choices. Why not learn to choose wisely?You're constantly making decisions. Some are important, some arenot. But the guidance you rely on to make those choices isvital.Woodrow Kroll's Bible study, Proverbs: The Pursuit ofGod's Wisdom, points to God as the ultimate source of wisdomand guidance plus gives practical ways to apply God's standards toe… Read more…

An Interview with God Questions You

An Interview with God Questions You're Asking and How the Bible Answers Them

by Woodrow Kroll and George Barna

"Answers! I want answers!" Most people have burning questions about God and the way He operates in this world. The problem is finding Biblical answers. Better yet, it is a book that not only satisfies your questions, but provides a framework for discovery on your own. Woodrow Kroll has taken on this task, and gives us a unique approach: an… Read more…