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Resources by Claire Cloninger

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Faithfully Fit

Faithfully Fit

by Claire Cloninger, Thomas Nelson and Laura Barr

Fed up with overeating? All strung out from yo-yo-dieting? Maybe it's time for a new approach. Faithfully Fit is not a diet, not an exercise plan. It won't tell you how much you ought to weigh or what your heart rate should be or how many miles you should walk to burn up three cookies and a slice of cheesecake. It offers no quick fixes or miracl… Read more…

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Postcards for People Who Hurt

Postcards for People Who Hurt

by Claire Cloninger

Healing messages from God's Word are quoted and coupled with a personalized letter, paraphrased from Scripture, from God to you. These love-letters are written especially for the bruised and brokenhearted.… Read more…