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Boice Expositional Commentary Series: Genesis (3 volume set)

Boice Expositional Commentary Series: Genesis (3 volume set)

by James Montgomery Boice

A set of three newly repackaged editions of classic commentaries from James Montgomery Boice who discusses the events of Genesis and how they set the stage for all of Scripture. This commentary bundle includes: Volume 1: Creation and Fall (Genesis 1-11) Volume 2: A New Beginning (Genesis 12-36) Volume 3: Living by Faith (Genesis 37-50) Each volume … Read more…


Gray's Commentary

by James M. Gray

Gray's Commentary is a clear and understandable overview of the Old and New Testaments complete in one volume. Designed to supplement reading of the Bible, this concise Bible commentary furnishes explanations and expositions, devotional insights, and spiritual guidance in an easy-to-use layout. Following each commentary section, inductive study questions p… Read more…

Naves Topical Bible Index

Naves Topical Bible Index

by Orville J. Nave

Nave's Topical Bible Index is an indispensable tool for topical Bible study, this volume provides more than 100,000 hyperlinked Scripture references arranged under more than 6,000 topical headings. Used by teachers, pastors, and Bible students for many years as a reliable convenient way to study the word of God. Compiled by Orville J. Nave, A.M., D.… Read more…


Torrey's New Topical Textbook

by R. A. Torrey

Torrey's New Topical Textbook, by the beloved evangelist and Bible teacher R. A. Torrey (1856-1928), is a true gem among Bible study tools, one that deserves a place in the library of any serious Bible student. This work honors the authority of Scripture by gathering together in small, informative outlines the major verses that pertain to hundreds of impor… Read more…


Vincent's Word Studies

Vincent's Word Studies combine a verse-by-verse commentary and Greek lexicon in a clear, coherent format. This valuable resource brings out the richness and fullness of the precise Greek meaning, grammatical structure, history, derivation, and usage in a way that is accessible to the average English reader. For both sermons and personal study, Christia… Read more…

Jewish New Testament Commentary

Jewish New Testament Commentary

by David Stern

This companion volume to the Jewish New Testament enhances Bible study. Passages and expressions are explained in their original cultural context, the way 1st century Jewish writers meant for them to be understood. Over fifteen years of research and study went into the JNTC to make the New Testament more meaningful. … Read more…

The Layman

The Layman's Quick Reference Concordance

by George W. Knight

This biblical resource avoids the pitfalls of massive dictionaries and concordances by cutting through the bulk of those exhaustive resources to deliver concise and readable entries. Although not as massive or cumbersome as other dictionaries, Layman's Quick Reference Concordance is not weak on content with nearly 1,800 entries and 10,000 references. This … Read more…


Robertson's Word Pictures

by A.T. Robertson

This illuminating resource travels through the New Testament, stopping to examine particular words and phrases in the Greek that reveal Biblical truths. A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures is not a formal commentary but rather reveals the "word pictures" of the Koine Greek. Robertson uses several methods to do this, including lexical and grammatical analysis, a… Read more…

Dictionary of Jewish Words: A JPS Guide

Dictionary of Jewish Words: A JPS Guide

An indispensable reference guide to the most common Jewish words in use today is now available for use on your mobile devices. With over 1,200 entries derived from Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Aramaic, and English the Dictionary of Jewish Words: A JPS Guide is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Jewish culture. Entries include words associated with … Read more…

Glosario Holman de términos biblicos (Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words)

Glosario Holman de términos biblicos (Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words)

Puritan writer John Robinson said, "As the waters are most pure and sweet in the fountain, so are the Scriptures in their original languages." Unfortunately, most Christians don’t have access to the original languages and may have difficulty making use Bible study tools like Vine’s or Strong’s Numbers. The Glosario Holman de términos bíblicos has… Read more…

Concordancia Tematica Holman (Holman Concise Topical Concordance)

Concordancia Tematica Holman (Holman Concise Topical Concordance)

Concordancia Tematica Holman is a Spanish Bible-reference work that enables Bible readers, students, and teachers to look up Bible verses by topic. Topics are arranged in alphabetical order so readers can easily find topics of interest and see key verses in Scripture where each topic is addressed. This topical concordance is a basic study tool that will en… Read more…

Diccionario Biblico Conciso Holman (Holman Concise Bible Dictionary)

Diccionario Biblico Conciso Holman (Holman Concise Bible Dictionary)

A concise and reliable Bible dictionary for Spanish speaking readers, now available for mobile devices! As dynamic as larger library editions, el Diccionario Biblico Conciso gets to the point quickly, accurately and provides extensive coverage. No matter if the question is about a biblical person place or thing, you will find a concise definition and brie… Read more…

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