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Smith's Bible Dictionary

by William Smith

Smith's Bible Dictionary is a classic work of William Smith. This edition preserves the theological substance of Smith's original work and illuminates it with the insights of more recent archaeological discoveries. It describes the most important people and places of the Bible and the major teachings of Scripture. … Read more…

100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

100 Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus speaks to the very heart of the hope found in Christ, the Messiah. It's amazing to discover that Jesus fulfilled more than 100 prophecies foretold 400-1500 years before his birth. This booklet arranges prophecies into those related to Jesus' birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection. 100 Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus… Read more…

How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Whether you are teaching people with no Bible experience or those who have studied the Bible for a long time, How to Study the Bible provides an excellent introduction to personal Bible study. It is ideal for teachers who want to provide information on studying the Bible in a quick, easy-to-use format. It offers concise steps for personal preparation, descri… Read more…

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