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New American Commentary - New Testament Set (15 Vol.)

New American Commentary - New Testament Set (15 Vol.)

The New American Commentary collects the best in contemporary evangelical scholarship in a series that examines the entire Bible in depth. The New American Commentary – New Testament Set currently offers 15 volumes of commentary on the New Testament. The volumes of this set are also available individually - see below for links to the individual titles. … Read more…

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

by C.F. Keil and F. Delitzch

This is one of the most popular Old Testament commentaries available, created by two scholars who deeply respected the authority of Scripture. It examines the historical and literary aspects of the text as well as grammatical and philological issues. It also makes use of the Hebrew words and grammar; but these have been put into context, making it easy to … Read more…


Gray's Commentary

by James M. Gray

Gray's Commentary is a clear and understandable overview of the Old and New Testaments complete in one volume. Designed to supplement reading of the Bible, this concise Bible commentary furnishes explanations and expositions, devotional insights, and spiritual guidance in an easy-to-use layout. Following each commentary section, inductive study questions p… Read more…


Vincent's Word Studies

Vincent's Word Studies combine a verse-by-verse commentary and Greek lexicon in a clear, coherent format. This valuable resource brings out the richness and fullness of the precise Greek meaning, grammatical structure, history, derivation, and usage in a way that is accessible to the average English reader. For both sermons and personal study, Christia… Read more…


Robertson's Word Pictures

by A.T. Robertson

This illuminating resource travels through the New Testament, stopping to examine particular words and phrases in the Greek that reveal Biblical truths. A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures is not a formal commentary but rather reveals the "word pictures" of the Koine Greek. Robertson uses several methods to do this, including lexical and grammatical analysis, a… Read more…

NIV Compact Bible Commentary

NIV Compact Bible Commentary

by John Sailhamer

The NIV Compact Bible Commentary explains the Bible book by book. But unlike other commentaries, it begins with the larger context—the Bible as a whole—then shows how all its books fit into the grand picture. Instead of a verse-by-verse exposition, it unlocks the meanings of larger sections of Scripture. See how key themes, concepts, and even specific te… Read more…

Through the Bible Day by Day: A Devotional Commentary (7 Vols.)

Through the Bible Day by Day: A Devotional Commentary (7 Vols.)

by F.B. Meyer

In Through the Bible Day by Day: a Devotional Commentary, F. B. Meyer shares his insights in small sections that correspond to a daily reading from the scriptures. Each of his comments are written with a focus on application in the reader's daily life. He also includes outlines of each book and review questions that point the reader back to specific passages… Read more…

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