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Title: Mimosa
Publisher: CLC Publications
Author: Amy Carmichael


Mimosa is the amazing and true story of an Indian woman so captivated by the Love of God she heard as a child, that she faithfully followed this God without a Church, without fellow Christians, and without a Bible. She endured ostracism, scorn and persecution for forsaking her Hindu ways, but she never wavered, following the dictates of her conscience and the God that, though she did not even know His name, she joyfully and prayerfully served and loved. Written by Amy Carmichael, who dearly loved and faithfully served the people of India, this eBook is proof that "where your hands cannot reach and your love cannot help, His hands can reach and His love can help."

Amy Carmichael felt the calling to be a missionary when she was still a teenager, and she devoted her life to serve the Savior by helping and saving children in India who would have had bleak or terrible futures without her efforts. She founded the Dohnavur Fellowship in south India in 1901 where she served for fifty years until her death in 1951. For the last twenty years of her life she was mostly confined to her bed due to a tragic accident in 1931. A prolific and skilled writer, she wrote thirty-five books.

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