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Expanded Bible - New Testament (EXB)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Expanded Bible - New Testament (EXB)
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Expanded Bible - New Testament (EXB)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Expanded Bible - New Testament (EXB)
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Thomas Nelson


The Expanded Bible: New Testament reflects the latest scholarship, current English, and the needs of contemporary students of the Bible. This new testament includes a multitude of study aids right in line with the text. Expanded translations and other helps make it possible for you to study the Bible while you read

  • Expanded translations bring out the meaning of words and offer alternatives.

  • Literal meanings of terms from the original languages are included where they can provide more understanding.

  • Traditional wordings assist recollection of familiar terms and expressions.

  • Comments explain passages that can be understood better with a brief remark.

  • Useful references supply rewarding opportunities for comparing other Scriptures.

  • Variants display additional wording in some of the original language texts.

ISBN: 9781418585723

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