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Esther: NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Esther: NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC)
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Esther: NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Esther: NIV Application Commentary (NIVAC)
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Karen H. Jobes


The book of Esther tells a story of God’s providence, without ever directly mentioning Him. Set while the Israelites are captives in Persia, God’s chosen people are repeatedly endangered by people like Haman, who desires that every Jew be put to death. However, they are repeatedly protected by God. No doubt Haman sees God’s saving action as some shadowy hand of fate, but Esther makes it clear that it is His ever-present guidance watching over his creation.

Karen H. Jobes, the author of this NIV Application Commentary volume, walks us through Esther’s meaning in light of its original historical context, and how we can apply it to our everyday lives.

This commentary volume is part of the "NIV Application Commentary Series." You can purchase the entire Old Testament Set here or a set of both Old and New Testament volumes on this page.

ISBN: 9780310497653, 0310206723

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