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Archaeological Study Bible with NIV

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Archaeological Study Bible with NIV

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Available for: iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Archaeological Study Bible with NIV

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Publisher: Zondervan


Publisher: Zondervan
About the New International Version (NIV) translation (INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE)

Still striving for faithfulness to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts of the Bible, this NIV is the latest work of the Committee on Bible Translation, the group of scholars responsible for keeping the NIV current with changes in modern scholarship and the English language. Through the years, the translators’ goals of producing a work of clarity and literary quality that would be well-suited to private and public reading, memorization, teaching, and preaching has helped the NIV become one of the most popular English Bible translations.

One of the most difficult aspects in modern translation is to know what constitutes "general English." How a man speaks in New England is different from how a woman speaks in Texas is different from how people around the world speak English, and not just their accents. One of the tools the Committee had for this American Edition of the NIV was the massive 4.4 billion word English database produced by Collins Dictionaries to help determine the best and most universal way of speaking and writing.

To engage the Bible more, you need to enter the world from which it came. From the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, The Archaeological Study Bible Notes is filled with study material that opens your eyes to the archaeological, historical, and cultural contexts of the stories you read and the people you meet in Scripture.

Take a journey back to the lands and origins of the Bible for an unparalleled encounter with the Word of God. Get insights into the roots of the Bible that will strengthen your faith and open new vistas of knowledge and understanding. Like no other study Bible, this one provides a sweeping, detailed look at the lands and times of Scripture, bringing to light the importance of ancient civilizations, practices, historical records and artifacts, literature, architecture, religions, laws, events, movements, geography, agriculture, wars and battles, political and monetary systems, historical figures and other factors that are critical to a deep and accurate grasp of the Bible.

  • A comprehensive study tool that highlights the archaeological, historical, and cultural background of the bible
  • Full-color interior throughout, including nearly 500 color images and detailed maps
  • Study tools, including a glossary, extensive concordance and several indexes to help you find articles relevant to your study
  • Emphasizes the trustworthiness of the Bible and in the bestselling NIV translation (INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE)

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