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Attributes of God

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Attributes of God
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Attributes of God

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Attributes of God
Publisher: Rose Publishing
Author: Publishing Rose


5 Ways Knowing God's Traits Will Improve Your Life Perspective

Have you ever questioned God's goodness during tough seasons? It's easy to accept that God is loving when you receive a promotion and that he's merciful when someone forgives you.

But, God's characteristics during troubling times can appear so abstract that applying his identity to our life circumstances can seem like a theological puzzle: we possess all the pieces but don't know how they fit together. How can God be good and my life remain troubled, uncertain, and instable?

Let's face the truth. Logically knowing God's traits is not enough to change our perspectives. We need an overview that allows us to meditate on his traits and that suggests practical ways to apply his identity to our everyday lives.

Experience the relief, joy, and hope that comes from deepening your understanding of God's identity with Rose publishing's Attributes of God.

Knowing God's attributes will affect your—

  • Worship by deepening your understanding of God's praiseworthy attributes.
  • Life Perspective by enabling you to discover the hope that comes from realizing that his very nature meets your every need.
  • Relationship with God by fostering a more intimate awareness of His traits.
  • Relationship with Others by revealing the traits you can develop as you seek after him, such as patience, faithfulness, and love.
  • Identity by revealing to you your worth, as you focus on the astounding attributes of the God who loves you.

ISBN: 9781628622515

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