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Standing on the Promises

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Standing on the Promises
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Standing on the Promises

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Standing on the Promises
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Lewis Smedes


In this fearful and cynical age, when doom and gloomers forecast catastrophe and fear mongers try to get us to hedge our bets on the future with insurance policies and safety nets, we need to re-discover real hope. Lewis Smedes says, 'Hope is as native to our spirits as thinking is to our brain. Keep hoping, you keep living. Stop hoping, you start dying'. He shows how hope powers every good thing we accomplish and helps us overcome every bad thing we encounter. He talks about how to keep hope alive in difficult times, discern false hope from true hope, and move beyond worry to trust in God.

ISBN: 9781418559526

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