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Life Conquers Death

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Life Conquers Death
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Life Conquers Death

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Life Conquers Death
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: John Arnold and Archbishop of Canterbury Foreword by Dr. Rowan Williams


How can we come to understand more fully our own story of sin and redemption? This beautiful series of meditations addresses that need. Each chapter moves us one step along the path, and we’re also guided by the author’s metaphors of wood, trees, and the cross of Christ as we travel. We start in the garden of Eden, and end at the Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem.Along the way, we encounter biblical passages, pictures by Rembrandt, and insights from such great works of Russian literature as “A Tree Falls in Siberia” as the author brings important questions to our attention. John Arnold has created a series of contemplative readings that will remain with the reader long after reading them.
ISBN: 9780310571834

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