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Living the God-First Life

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Living the God-First Life
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Living the God-First Life

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Living the God-First Life
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Stovall Weems


The devotional companion to Stovall Weems's book The God-First Life, will help you uncomplicate your life through understanding and implementing the principle of God-first living.

Everywhere you look there are how-to books for improving various areas of our lives such as finances, fitness, business, marriage, friendships, etc. The list can be exhausting! If we were to add up all the tips and methods, there would be hundreds of things to keep in mind just to make it through a single day. Often, in our search for ways to improve our lives, we mistake depth and discipleship for a long list of prescribed "spiritual-to-dos," and lose the simplicity of following Jesus in the moment.

But what if it is possible to boil it all down to one simple, un-complicated principle that would bring the solutions and wisdom we are looking for? It’s called living the God-first life--your life, God's way.

Every area of life brings different seasons of change, and one thing is for certain--we will always face challenges. True peace comes from living a life of faith that is grounded first and foremost in trust. Do we trust when God says He's got our backs? Can we let go of things we don't have the answers to and trust Him enough to simply follow? Can we follow him in the moment, no matter what baggage we carry and what spiritual milestones we've yet to conquer?

There's a much more vibrant way to live and act in faith, and it is much simpler than you would think.

ISBN: 9780310324768

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