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Case for Faith Student Edition

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Case for Faith Student Edition
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Case for Faith Student Edition

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Title: Case for Faith Student Edition
Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
Author: Lee Strobel and Jane Vogel


Prepare yourself for an eye-opening, no-punches-pulled investigation into eight of the toughest objections to Christianity. The answers will prove whether or not Jesus is who he says he is and if heaven is for real, leading you to a life-changing decision in your current case for or against Christianity.

Like you, as a student, Lee Strobel asked the same tough questions you face about God, about Jesus, about science, and about Christianity. Why is there suffering? Doesn’t science disprove miracles? What about hell—and the millions who’ve never heard of Jesus? Is heaven for real? Is God unjust?

So what convinced Lee Strobel—an atheist investigative journalist turned faith-filled Christian—that Jesus is real?

Join Lee in this fascinating journey of discovery. If you’re an atheist or just aren’t sure about Jesus, these stories will turn your whole world upside down. If you’re already a Christian, you’ll gain powerful insights that will reshape your understanding of the Bible and affect your life of faith like never before.

ISBN: 9780310835363

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