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Counterpoints (32 Volume Collection)

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Counterpoints (32 Volume Collection)

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Counterpoints (32 Volume Collection)

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Counterpoints (32 Volume Collection)
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Mark L. Strauss, Michael F. Bird, Paul E. Engle, Wayne Grudem, Ardel Caneday, Kenneth Berding, Stanley N. Gundry, Darrell Bock, John H. Armstrong, Matthew Barrett, Paul Basden, James R. Beck, Steven B. Cowan and William Crockett


The Counterpoints Series provides a variety of viewpoints on various widely discussed theological topics. Unlike many theological works, the different views are all presented by well-known authors and scholars who actually advocate the view in question. The views are also presented in a debate-like format with rebuttals by the other authors included after the main article. The result is a balanced discussion of a particular topic from a number of different view points.

This 32 volume collection includes the following titles:

ISBN: 9781500013912

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