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Passionate God

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Passionate God
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Passionate God

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Passionate God
Publisher: Chosen Books
Author: Kenneth C. PhD Ulmer


Many people envision God as a strict father figure--stern, detached, exacting, and vengeful--lacking feelings and emotions. Yet, once we come to understand that God actually expresses a wide range of passion, we will relate to Him on a much more "human" level and start seeing Him for who He really is. In Passionate God, Kenneth Ulmer helps us understand and appreciate the "humanity" of God as expressed through His emotions: joy, sympathy, grief, care, laughter, jealousy, humor, anger, and, of course, love. This book will change the way people view and relate to God because it reveals a Creator intimately involved with His beloved creation and is more like us than we ever imagined.
ISBN: 9781441268846

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