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A Book of Simple Prayers

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A Book of Simple Prayers
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A Book of Simple Prayers

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Title: A Book of Simple Prayers
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Author: Gloria Gaither


Life greets us in different ways each day: We experience joy, confusion, doubt, and grief. We walk through seasons of loneliness and times of closeness with God, family, and friends. Each event, the birth of a new baby, the death of a loved one, the sound of a familiar melody, can be an occasion for prayer. In A Book of Simple Prayers, beloved songwriter Gloria Gaither shares the prayers she has prayed in moments like these. At times questioning, playful, trusting, or anxious, this collection of Gaither's prayer poetry is a medley of honest and openhearted conversation with God. With her renowned mastery of language and matchless instinct for just the right turn of phrase, she invites us to pray along with her, expressing our hopes and heartaches to the God who listens.
ISBN: 9781441266279

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