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Essential Leadership Lessons

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Essential Leadership Lessons
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Essential Leadership Lessons

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Essential Leadership Lessons
Publisher: Oasis International
Author: Richard Gehman


Every leader desires to be successful. But by God’s standards, few leaders actually succeed.

To succeed as a Christian leader, you can’t measure yourself by the world’s standards. You need a straighter measuring stick: God’s Word.

Most leaders don’t fail because of incompetence, but because of lack of character. Effective Christian leadership requires both a solid moral foundation and skillful ability. For a crash course in godly leadership, join Dr Gehman in Essential Leadership Lessons.

As you read, you will learn from the practical experience of more than 175 Christian leaders in Africa who have both the Christian character and competent skill set necessary to lead well. Dr Gehman draws from his extensive knowledge, experience, and access to Christian leaders in Africa to cover leadership essentials such as humility, love, holiness, and management skills – among other common issues.

Whether you’re a pastor, elder, teacher, or parent, if God has called you to lead, you need to learn how to do it well. Armed with Essential Leadership Lessons, you will be equipped to follow in the footsteps of the ultimate leader: Jesus himself.

ISBN: 9781594528026

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