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For the Least of These

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For the Least of These
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For the Least of These

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: For the Least of These
Publisher: Zondervan Academic
Author: Zondervan , Anne R. Bradley, Arthur W. Lindsley and Arthur C. Brooks


Today, many thoughtful and compassionate Christians are addressing the challenge of alleviating poverty.  But while much progress has been made, many well-intentioned efforts have led Christians to actions that are not only ineffective, but leave the most vulnerable in a worse situation than before. Is there a better answer?

Combining biblical exegesis with proven economic principles, For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty equips Christians with both a solid biblical and economic understanding of how best to care for the poor and foster sustainable economic development. With contributions from fifteen leading Christian economists, theologians, historians, and practitioners, it presents the case for why a multi-faceted approach is needed, and why a renewed focus on markets and trade are the world’s best hope for alleviating poverty and serving those in financial need.

ISBN: 9780310523000

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