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Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader's Guide

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader's Guide
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Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader's Guide

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Mission Trip Prep Kit Leader's Guide
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Kevin Johnson


You work hard planning mission trips. Now make mission trips work for you and your group.Headed to inner-city America? Appalachia? A border shantytown? Overseas? Wherever your destination, the MISSION TRIP PREP KIT contains all you need to prepare your students for an unforgettable cross-cultural experience—and tools to debrief them after they’ve returned to their worlds.Use this kit—To get on-site impact as well as long-term spiritual change in your kids.Whether you’re a mission-trip novice or a savvy traveler outside your comfort zones.Whether your group’s trip is geared toward reaching others with the gospel or to disciple your young missionaries.In several sessions spread over a month or two—or in an intensive, two-day training session or retreat.IN THIS LEADER’S GUIDE: You’ll receive not only the rationale, the how, and the logistics of planning and pulling off a missions trip, but—and this is the genius of the leader’s guide—4 PRE-TRIP TEACHING SESSIONS that will help your students—·Assess their EXPECTATIONS, their fears, their motivations.·Adjust their PERCEPTIONS of the culture they’ll be working in.·Improve their emotional and spiritual STAMINA for living for a week or a month in a very different world from their own.·Practice the skills and ATTITUDES (teamwork, servanthood, Christ-centeredness) they’ll need for a missions trip.And to make sure your trip’s goals are accomplished and the benefits stick around for the long haul, you’ll also receive 2 POST-TRIP SESSIONS that will help you DEBRIEF your students, ease them back into their own worlds, CELEBRATE with them, and make missions and ministry part of their EVERYDAY LIVES WITH JESUS.What’s more, in these pre- and post-trip teaching sessions are a variety of ACTIVITIES…processing points…creative PRAYER IDEAS…take-home applications…BIBLE STUDIES relevant to mission tripping…TALK OUTLINES that both instruct and inspire…and lots of sessions options you can tailor to your own HIGH SCHOOLERS OR MIDDLE SCHOOLERS.
ISBN: 9780310863021

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