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Soul School

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Soul School
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Soul School

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Soul School
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Doug Fields and Jeanne Stevens


We all know that youth ministry can be hard. Sadly, many youth workers walk away from their jobs, their callings, and their passion because their interior worlds are falling apart. That’s why Soul School is essential for developing an effective and healthy you(th) ministry. Because while your ministry might look healthy to outsiders, only you know that something is lacking. It’s easy to get so busy caring for the external parts of your ministry that you forget the most important part—your soul. So spend some time going beneath the surface, to the core of who you are. Let author Jeanne Stevens help you discover the answers to the deep longings in your soul. Soul School will bring you nearer to God, into a deeper awareness of yourself, into transformational community, and on the road toward a healthier future.
ISBN: 9780310569794

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