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Christology, Ancient and Modern

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Christology, Ancient and Modern
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Christology, Ancient and Modern

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Title: Christology, Ancient and Modern
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Peter J. Leithart, George Hunsinger, Oliver D. Crisp, Katherine Sonderegger and Alan J. Torrance


A Fresh Look at the Doctrine of Christ,
Essential for Modern Theological Work

Christology was the central doctrine articulated by the early church councils, and it remains the subject of vigorous theological investigation today. The study of the doctrine of Christ is a field of broad ecumenical convergence, inviting theologians from all denominational settings to fruitful collaborative exploration. In the contemporary setting, it is especially crucial for theologians to investigate the scriptural witness afresh, to retrieve classical criteria and categories from the tradition, and to consider the generative pressure of soteriology for Christology proper.

The first annual Los Angeles Theology Conference sought to make a positive contribution to contemporary dogmatics in intentional engagement with the Christian tradition. Christology, Ancient and Modern brings together conference proceedings, surveying the field and articulating the sources, norms, and criteria for constructive theological work in Christology.

ISBN: 9780310514978

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