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Compelling Christianity

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Compelling Christianity
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Compelling Christianity

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Compelling Christianity
Publisher: Crossway
Author: Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Acts 8 chronicles some of the historical heights and valleys ofthe early church. While believers mourn Stephen's death and Saulseeks to ravage the church, the gospel message is spreading intoregions beyond Jerusalem, and many are coming to faith inChrist.

In the sixth and final volume of Studies in the book of Acts,Lloyd-Jones works from this essential truth, reminding us thatthere are compelling and vital reasons to consider Christianityeven beyond the historical record. Exploring many issues that lieat the heart of the gospel, such as the empowering work of the HolySpirit and the all-encompassing purpose of Christ's death,Lloyd-Jones also speaks to the cultural deceptions that claimChristianity is nothing more than 'a personal matter' or 'justanother teaching.'

Keeping other world religions in view, this classic work offerspenetrating perspective as to how the Christian church and faithdiffer from all others, making the message of this book aparticularly poignant one in today's pluralistic culture.

The book of Acts records some of the most powerful events in theNew Testament. The birth of the church. The coming of the HolySpirit. Bold preaching and dramatic missionary journeys. Savedsouls and transformed lives. It not only provides insight into thegrowth of the apostolic church, but can encourage and challengeyour heart today.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached on the first eight chapters of thisdynamic Bible book during the peak of his ministry. Now thoseexpository sermons are gathered together in a six-volumecollection. His language is simple and clear so that the truth ofthe Scriptures would be available to all who desire to understand.Recognized as one of the twentieth century's most gifted preachers,he is known for his astute analysis of man's condition and hispersuasive proclamation of the gospel as the only truesolution.

ISBN: 9781433519642

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