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She Who Laughs, Lasts!

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She Who Laughs, Lasts!
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She Who Laughs, Lasts!

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Title: She Who Laughs, Lasts!
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Ann Spangler and Christian Taylor
Narrated by Christian Taylor
Length: 5 hrs. 40 min.


The best of the best—stories, one-liners, and jokes from some of today’s funniest Christian speakers and best-selling writers This new book, like its best-selling predecessors, is packed with the kind of smiles and smirks, chuckles and giggles that thousands of readers have come to love and expect. It includes some of the funniest stories from today’s Christian writers like Barbara Johnson, John Ortberg, Mark Buchanan, Patsy Clairmont, Becky Freeman, Chonda Pierce, and more. Whether the topic is kids, marriage, pets, church, parenting, aging, or life’s most embarrassing moments, the writers will help you keep life in perspective by revealing their own foibles, follies, and failings. Realizing that laughter and faith can go hand in hand, they offer real-life anecdotes that will keep your world in balance even—and especially—when life gets tough.
ISBN: 9780310305187

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