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Swipe Right
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Swipe Right

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Title: Swipe Right
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Levi Lusko
Narrated by Levi Lusko
Length: 5 hrs. 57 min.


Did you know that God wants you to have amazing sex? Join pastor Levi Lusko for a unique and compelling understanding of the power and the pleasure attached to God’s plans for relationships.

There is nothing more powerful on earth than the forces of love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. But as apps like Tinder foster no-strings-attached sexual encounters, sex is being stripped of any emotional or spiritual significance.

So how can you train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? In Swipe Right, Levi Lusko shares with raw honesty from his own life experiences and God’s Word how to:

  • Resist settling for instant pleasure by discovering what your heart really longs for
  • Learn how to avoid and treat sexual scars by careful living today
  • Regret-proof your marriage bed and your deathbed
  • Transform a stagnant marriage by trading predictable nearness for mind-blowing intimacy

With equal parts prevention and cure, the book is not just a list of rules to live by but something to live for: God’s powerful plan for our lives. To get there we must learn how to swipe right—to live up in a left, right world—because what we do with sex and romance is one of the most important choices we’ll make.

God’s dreams for your life are not intended to kill your joy but to enhance it. Whether you’re fed up with dating and hooking up as usual, tired of being single, numb because of porn and casual sex, or curious about how to improve your marriage, this book is for you.

ISBN: 9780718094805

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