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Through the Eyes of a Lion

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Through the Eyes of a Lion
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Through the Eyes of a Lion

For the Olive Tree Bible App

Title: Through the Eyes of a Lion
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Levi Lusko and Steven Furtick
Narrated by Levi Lusko and Steven Furtick
Length: 5 hrs. 32 min.


What will you do when the unthinkable happens in your life?

Her parents called her Lenya Lion because of her ferocious personality and hair that had been wild and mane-like since birth. But they never expected that, five days before Christmas, their five-year-old daughter would suddenly go to heaven after an asthma attack. How do you walk out of an emergency room without your daughter?

In Through the Eyes of a Lion, Pastor Levi Lusko shares the eye-opening truth of the power of hope in a world that is often filled with pain, suffering, and loss. He says, "This book isn't a manual for grieving, but a manifesto for high-octane living, and through it I want you to see that God made you for a purpose. There is a wild and wonderful calling on your life, a microphone in your hands. Jesus wants you to look at the adventure of your life through His eyes, the eyes of a Lion."

Part memoir but all overtly instructive and deeply inspirational, Through the Eyes of a Lion gives readers the tools they need to face their fears and turn their journey into a roar story. Chapter themes include:

• Don't rely on the naked eye

• Run towards the roar

• There's no such thing as a wireless anchor

• Let God use your pain

• Cue the eagle

What we do in life really does echo in eternity. You are destined for impact, and there’s not a moment to lose!


ISBN: 9780718078973

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